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I’m very much an ‘everything in moderation’ type of gal so ‘teatoxing’ hasn’t really been in my vocabulary until recently when I tried the Tiny Tea Tea Tox from Your Tea.

I remember my friends talking about this brand a while back and it seems they have made a ‘comeback’ with new ingredients and a gluten free option.

I opted for the 14 Day Gluten Free Tiny Tea Tox and it arrived within a week. First impressions – really cute packaging! It’s pretty, it’s pink, and it comes with a booklet with nutritional advice and information about the Tea Tox. Some of it is fluff, but the main message I took away was that ‘raw’ foods can be hard for the body to digest so eating cooked/warm foods aids the digestive system in breaking down foods and absorbing nutrients.The booklet talks about “digestive fire” and a major cause of poor “digestive fire” is that our adrenals and thyroid are both poorly nourished and taxed by toxins and daily stress. Apparently drinking the tea 30 min before or after eating aids our digestive fire and restored our body to it’s optimal state. 

I did some research on the blend of herbs based on traditional Chinese medicine: 

Oolong Tea: a traditional Chinese tea high in antioxidants

Joe Ming Zi: can be used as a laxative to relax the bowel and treat constipation 

He Ye (lotus leaf): diuretic and laxative effect

Shan Zha (Hawthorne fruit): improved digestion of red meat and oily and fatty foods

Lai Fu Zi (radish seeds): treatment of indigestion, constipation etc

Chen Pi (orange peel): for treatment of stomach stagnation 

I was surprised to see quite a few of these ingredients have a natural laxative effect. I have the view that our bodies have organs such as the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs and digestive system to remove unnecessary substances from our bodies on a daily basis without the help of a detox however in saying that I did feel an improvement in my overall belly comfort after the detox. I know that my blood type has low stomach acid so with the help of the tea I found myself always felling ‘light’ and didn’t suffer from any bloating or discomfort. The tea didn’t have me running for the toilet at any stage and I didn’t suffer from diarrhoea; just regular bowel movements (#realtalk). 

Due to my busy schedule and the fact I’m not at a work desk all day or near a kettle, I found it hard to drink the tea 30min before or after eating ALL the time. This unfortunately meant that my cleanse wasn’t done 100% correctly. 

So overall I didn’t loose any weight or notice a huge difference in the way I looked but I did notice a difference in the way I felt and my stomach comfort. I would do the cleanse again but I still think consist healthy eating and exercise is the way to go!

Stay healthy and happy.

Mwa xxx

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