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Relaxing at the Barre Body studio

Being time poor, I’ve started adding some small things into my routine that have helped me make the most of my down time, and have me feeling re-energised and re-charged. These little things have made a big difference to my body, mind, and spirit, and I hope they do for you as well…

Bed is a phone free zone

There is evidence to suggest that the bright light from devices like mobile phones interferes with circadian rhythm, the day-night system that tells our brain when we should sleep and when we should wake up. Sleep is soooooooo important and I feel the older I get the more a good night sleep is essential. I’ve started plugging my phone in to charge away from my bed so I’m not tempted to scroll though Instragram or read emails for hours when I should be asleep. If I must look at my phone, I opt for the ’night shift mode’ which switches your phone to a softer light.

Smell your way to sleep

Your sense of smell is your most primal sense and has surprising influence over your thoughts, emotions and moods. Essential oils and diffusers are used in most of the studios I work at but I’ve never had one of my own until recently. Now I switch my In Essence diffuser on when I’m getting ready for bed and leave it on a 30min diffuse mode. My favourite blend so far is Sleep Easy – lavender, mandarin, roman chamomile and valerian. I’ve never had an issue getting to sleep but I have noticed that my sleep is deeper and less interrupted since using the diffuser. I’m excited to try different blends over the next few months.


InEssence Diffuser

Tune Out

Music can change my mood in an instant. Most of the time I’m cranking RnB at 5am to get me pumped for the day, but there are occasions where I use it to chill out. There are so many great playlists on Spotify so all you need to do is pop your headphones in when you’re walking home from work, when you’re in the car, or take 5min before bed to listen to a soothing/ meditation track. Scientists have said that Weightless by Marconi Union is the most relaxing song on on earth and reduces anxiety and stress by 65% – get on it.

“Giving yourself some loving attention isn’t selfish – it’s sensible”.

Get someone to touch you (or touch yourself)

This is a bit more indulgent but if you like being touched as much as me, a good massage is heaven. Obviously this can be expensive ongoing, but do what I do and plant the seed in every friend and family members mind that when they are in doubt for gift ideas – massage please! If getting a professional massage is not an option for you then get your partner, roomie or bestie to rub your feet or shoulders while you’re watching TV. I’ve been using the MgLife magnesium oil to massage into myself before bed. I like this brand because it’s chemical free. It does say to rinse off any residue after 30min, but I leave it on and shower in the morning.

MgLIFE Organic Magnesium Oil

If you are running on empty I encourage you to slowly start incorporating some ‘chill out’ methods into your routine. Everyone is different so it may take some trial and error, but it’s important to in invest in your health and to realise that rest is just as important as all the other stuff.

Stay happy and healthy.

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