Myth Busting – What’s it really like to be a pilates instructor?

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I have a little chuckle when I receive DMs or emails from people wanting to become pilates instructors because they ‘want to go to classes all day’ or ‘have lots of spare time to do other things’. I try to be as ‘real’ as I can on social media but today I thought I would take that even further and bust some of the myths I’ve heard and give you a better understanding of what it’s really like to live life as an instructor (well for me anyway).

I hang out with friends all day and drink coffee

Slightly MYTH and slightly TRUTH

Sadly my friends in the corporate world are working during my down times so I don’t get to hang out with them much, however I do have some breaks during my morning, lunch, and evening classes which sometimes means a coffee date. This is rare though as I use this down time to have meetings, eat, workout, plan classes, catch up on admin, or travel between my classes. Chilling at a cafe for hours on end with an almond milk latte, catching up on gossip is not a regular part of my pilates instructor life (a girl can dream).

I attend classes all the time


Although I absolutely love attending other people’s classes, I teach 7 days a week and mostly when classes at other studios are on. I have wanted to try a boxing class in the studio literally next door to my unit but there is not one class on the timetable I can attend! I usually manage to do 2 x reformer classes a week and 3 x other types of workouts while leaving the weekend for resting.

I lead a glamorous life


I have absolutely no idea where people got this impression. I am sweaty 90% of my life, my hair is in a bun daily, I am very rarely seen in anything but activewear and my meals are mostly consumed in the car, on the run, or over the kitchen sink. I absolutely love my job but it is certainly not glamorous!

I get free stuff


I am lucky enough to receive free active wear every now and again which is absolutely amazing and, on accession, I am invited to attend some pretty cool events. My lovely studios allow me to attend classes for free so I don’t ever have to pay to workout unless I am attending a studio outside of those where I teach.

I nap all the time

Mostly TRUTH

When you have very early starts and late nights you learn to nap whenever and wherever you can. I have been caught napping under desks in the Flight Centre head office, in my car, in the back room at KX…the list goes on! 20min is all I need to re-energise.

Being a pilates instructor means you eat insanely healthy and your body is a temple


80% of the time I eat very clean and healthy because I love the feeling of feeling good. I am pretty organised during the week meal prepping and packing lunches so I can enjoy a few cheat meals over the weekend. Pizza, nododonuts, gelato and hot chips are a few of my favourite things – everything in moderation right?!

Being a pilates instructor is easy


Well for me anyway. I work harder than I have ever worked in my life. I have never been more tired, drained and sore – but I absolutely love it. Being an instructor is hard on the body, voice and your energy levels but it is all worth it for the people you meet, the fact that you are changing lives, and the lifestyle you are able to live. It also makes a big difference when you are working hard for something you love and something you are passionate about.

Are there any other myths I need to bust? Comment below, send me an email or DM.

Stay happy and healthy.

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