My favourite vegetable curry

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I posted a photo of a vegetable curry on my instagram page (@thatpilatespassion) the other week and had heaps of requests for the recipe – so here it is!

This curry is so delicious and so so easy! It’s great for your weekly meal prep as you literally cut a bunch of things up, chuck them in a slow cooker, and forget about them!

The recipe is from: 

Vegetable curry

I don’t make many changes to this one unless I don’t have the specified veggies on hand. I’ve added green beans and broccoli before and it’s tasted great so feel free to use what you have lying around. I also use cayenne pepper instead of normal pepper for a bit more spice. Cayenne pepper is great for your digestion so if you can handle a bit of heat, start using it in your every day cooking!

I serve this with one with brown rice (not the coconut rice as suggested) and divide it up into my plastic containers ready for the week. 

Let me know what you think – enjoy!

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