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Ahhh Valentine’s Day. It’s a different kind of day when you’re single.

This year is the first in a LONG time I haven’t had a Valentine and it’s forced me to look at the day very differently.

To be honest I was dreading today. I thought I would wake up feeling sad and alone, but It’s actually been quite the opposite.

It’s a bad habit but the first thing I do when I wake is look at my phone, and this morning the first thing I read was this quote on Luke Hine’s instagram: 

“Valentine’s Day isn’t just about those celebrating a relationship with their partner, it’s an opportunity to remind yourself how important love is. Loving yourself first and foremost, loving those closest to you, and spreading love energetically whenever and wherever you can”.

How beautiful is that! It reminded me that there are so many other types of love other than that of a boyfriend, husband or partner. For me those loves are my friends, my family and my puppy!

My gorgeous family

So today I didn’t wake up wondering if i was getting breakfast in bed, flowers, or an expensive gift, but I’m just as excited to sleep in, give myself a face mask and have a picnic in the park with my roommate. After all – she is the love of my life too! 

My amazing friends

If you are single on this Valentine’s Day, I hope you are taking the time to love and treat yourself, and to tell all the amazing people in your life how much you love them too. 

Happy Valentines Day my lovelies xxxx.

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