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Experts suggest that weight loss is generally attributed to 75% diet and just 25% exercise! This goes to show that diet is SUCH an important part of a healthy lifestyle.*

As most of us have experienced however, it’s all well and good to set a healthy meal plan but it’s something else entirely to stick to it. Combine temptation with life in general (being busy, outings, events, pressure from friends) and it’s super easy to fall off the wagon.

I’m lucky in that I actually really enjoy eating healthy food and don’t crave bad food very much at all. I find ‘feeling good’ addictive and very rarely stray from my healthy eating meal plan. My weaknesses however are that I struggle with adequate water consumption and can quite often overdo it on the coffees!

My roommate and I started our accountability journey with general phone check ups during the day. I realised this ongoing communication made me think about my water and coffee consumption, and I was more inclined to behave. 

My roommate and I

We took this one step further and decided to create an online Facebook group. We started every day with a post that was the day and date, and then would comment underneath this post every time we ate or drank something. We would get alerts each time one of us commented and we were able to easily keep track of ourselves and each other throughout the day.

Our accountability Facebook page

Almost everyone uses social media and it’s such a huge part of our days already so why not use it for something ‘good’. It’s the perfect way to get your friends and family involved in your health journey and you can do it with people you don’t see everyday. 

Do you have any tips to tricks for food accountability to your own version of a food diary?

*I just want to stress that yes, you can lose weight with diet alone but exercise is an important component. Without it, only a portion of your weight loss is from fat as losing weight through exercise burns mostly fat. 

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