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I thought the best way to answer all the questions I get about how much much I exercise, what I eat, and what I do on a daily basis was to share ‘a day in the life of me’!

Example of my Wednesday’s

5:15am: wake up, brush teeth, wash face, and get dressed for my first class. It’s a hot pilates class so I don’t put any makeup on. I eat a banana while I make a coffee (long black with a dash of milk) and race out the door bare foot

5:30ish: in the car and on the way to Harlow Milton

5:50am: start teaching hot pilates

6:50am: class finishes and I mingle with my beautiful clients

7ish: leave Harlow Milton and head off to KX Newstead for a reformer class (still in my sweaty Harlow clothes)

7:30am: start reformer class at Newstead

8:30am: grab an almond milk latte and walk home where I eat a proper breakfast – either homemade bircher muesli or eggs and avo on toast (I’ll do a blog with my bircher muesli recipe asap!)

9am: shower and get stuck into life admin. I usually do a load of washing and prep my lunch and dinner. If I have time I’ll also do some emails or try and get in a bit of study. I’m currently doing my cert 3/4 fitness. I’ll also plan my lunch time classes

10:45am: head to the Flight Centre head office in Southbank

11:30am: first class at Flight Centre (mat pilates)

12:30pm: second class at Flight centre (barre)

1:30pm: do my admin from my lunch time classes. I need to assign all the attendees to the class, answer emails and set up my invoices. I’ll usually eat my lunch while I’m doing this – maybe a salad with chicken, feta, pine nuts, tomatoes and sweet potato. If I have time I will foam roll or stretch and work on some of my yoga poses (maybe even take an insta pic haha)

2:30pm: plan my afternoon and evening classes

3pm: leave for Brisbane Girls Grammar eating a protein bar in the car 

3:30pm: class starts at Brisbane Girls Grammar  

4:30pm: class finishes and I stay and chat with the girls and answer any questions they have

5ish: head to Barre Body in Charlotte Street and eat a snack on the run. If I didn’t have eggs for breakfast I’ll have a boiled egg, otherwise some nuts, yogurt or a sushi roll

5:30pm: first class at barre

6:30pm: second class at barre 

8pm: arrive home and made dinner – salmon, steamed greens, and smashed avo

Before bed: shower, pack bag for tomorrow, and plan my morning class

9:30pm – 10pm: bed time 

Geez – I feel exhausted just writing that (haha!).

Stay happy and healthy xx

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